June 2008 – Tribute to the maesteros: - P. Bhaskaran, G Devarajan, M.S. Baburaj, M. Raveendran: A grand musical evening with G Venugopal & Jyotsna.

This event was the finest musical event Washington DC has ever witnessed. With an endearing selection of songs, selected by the music loving public from the DC area, G Venugopal and Jytosna went into a zone to come up with their best ever live performance.

July 2009 – Musical Gala by the Sensational Rimi Tomy and the charming Biju Narayanan. As expected Rimi was electric on the stage. Her stage presence and dances were so infective that, toward the end of the show, the entire audience was dancing with her. Biju, as we all know is one of the finest stage performers from Kerala. Needless to say, the crowd enjoyed this show to the fullest.

August 2010 – Thiruvonapulari with KS Chitra: The nightingale from India provided the audience with the finest Onam gift. She was at her magical best while enchanting a full house of music lovers. The music enthusiasts could not have wished for a better Onam. This show was done in association with KAGW (WWW.KAGW.COM)

May 2011 – The Meera Jasmine show. Meera Jasmine, the enchantress from the South, is one of the finest actresses produced by India. In a short career, she has accomplished everything that a performer can ask for. Her pleasing manners won the hearts of the thousands of fans who had come to get a glimpse of her. The prince of comedy, Suraj Venjaramoode showed us that he is the heir apparent to the throne that belongs to the emperor, Jagathy Sreekumar. The crowds also applauded the melodious young singer, Vidhu Pratap who belted out his chartbuster hits.