About Us

Visiting artists from India testify that the cultural community in North America is among the best they have seen around the world. True connoisseurs, they have always supported quality entertainment events. But, there have been complaints in the recent past that these events are way too expensive for the average family, with outrageous ticket prices driving families away from these events.

It is with this mission – of providing the best entertainment at affordable pricing – that a group of art loving individuals in the Metropolitan Washington area decided to form β€œFor The People Entertainment, Inc.”, a Maryland based company that promotes the finest artists from India to perform in the US & Canada, at the same time making it accessible for the average Indian family living here. The company was formed in February 2008 at the premises of Shri Siva Vishnu Temple, the largest south Indian Temple in USA.

As you probably know, North America has over three million people that have migrated from India during and after the sixties, and the population keeps growing. All major cities here have a strong density of Indian population. The performers are well aware that the art loving community hereA is now abreast with current trends in art and music back home, and prepare adequately to treat the crowds here. For The People Entertainment, Inc. gives you our word that we will only bring you the best of the best shows in terms of quality and pricing. We value the time and efforts of the audience that come to watch these shows. It is our privilege to bring shows that cater to the finest audiences in North America